At 15, I took my first job at the local pet store. My buddy and I were paid $20 (not each) to run the shop from 3pm-6pm a few days a week. By the time I turned 16 and realized I was making about $3 / hour I took a job delivering pizzas. The bump in earnings was welcomed as were the benefits (free pizza + soda). Once in college, I transitioned to restaurants where I would spend the next several years of my life working as a waiter, bartender, manager & wine buyer. It was during this time where I learned how to work with people, manage expectations, multi-task and develop my passion for service.

After being denied a part time job as a surfing instructor at the age of 24 I set out to start my own surf school. I was met with all types of objections stating that the City would not allow it and others had tried and failed before. The following summer I opened Coronado Surfing Academy and we just finished our 14th year. In 2006 at the age of 30, I put two friends together and their collective efforts landed me in the drivers seat to run an commerce business. I refer to that time in my life as my Masters Degree. Looking back, I learned so many lessons on business, investors, financials, and friendships.

Today, I’m taking my passion for service and decade + of technology to the world of real estate. I’m fortunate to work with some incredibly bright people and I go to sleep every Sunday looking forward to Monday morning.